Nextcloud on Univention server outdated

Univention still offers Nextcloud 21.0.7-0 - which is EOL - in their app-center.
When will be a recent version available for Univention server 4,x and 5.

I am asking in this forum, because I got told in Univention forum, that Nextcloud is responsible for it.

I wouldn’t count on that as long as there is no support agreement between Nextcloud and Univention.

The Nextcloud app for UCS in Univention App Center is based on the latest release from the Nextcloud stable update channel. Major releases are typically provided in the stable update channel within 3-6 month after release. The app will then also receive an update in the App Center.

Probably they watch a wrong file or API to know when there is a new release available via stable update channel. Nextcloud 23 definitely is since a while.

Since there are no “inline” updates in UCS-Nextcoud, Nextcloud still remains at the latest official release 21.0.7-0.
As long as the UCS app-store hast no more recent version, all installations remain at that release.

I guess the right place to ask for updates on that app would be here by adding a :+1: to the referring issue

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As a user you probably don’t need to be worried about using an unmaintained software. For enterprise and service providers Nextcloud does offer under some subscriptions limited maintenance for older versions of Nextcloud that are no longer community supported. When they will upgrade is not something anyone on this forum can answer, the Univention sysadmins are responsible for that.

They sent me to Nextcoud. That is typically in Germany: referring to the other partner like playing ping-pong. Both parties handle it, but nobody wants to take care. - Very frustrating…

Not good for you, understood.

Please get back to univention and mention this thread and ask them to maintain their package.

Hey, I took your concern internally and disussed it with our director of engineering, Andy, and he confirmed that you are right and that our team is responsible for doing the upgrades, and that they are scheduled. Sorry for the noice


Hello daphne,
thank you for your commitment. I am very appreciated.

So we will be patient :wink:

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Iám glad that I found this thread. I raised concern on twitter multiple times for the marketing team, but got no answer.
Two questions:

  • Do we have an ETA for the update and which version will we get on Univetnion(24 or 22 and aftar a while 23 and after that 24)
  • And an other request if I may. Can the ImageMagick recompiled in the NC docker image to have support for HEIC/HEIF files?
    Thank you for the answers!

You should ask your questions in Github - link in JimmiKater’s posting above:


Today I have seen, that Nexcloud 23 for Univention server 4.4 and 5 is available now.
One user reported that after update a warning appeared:

The OPcache internal string cache is almost full. To ensure that repeated strings can be cached effectively, it is recommended to apply opcache.interned_strings_buffer with a value greater than 8 to your PHP configuration.

Can anybody confirm it?

there are several solutions for that problem on the forum…
afaik it should be solved with new versions…

You can create a pull request and adjust the value in this file: univention-app/60-nextcloud.ini at master · nextcloud/univention-app · GitHub