Nextcloud on ubuntu server (via SNAP) with external ntfs

Hey guys,

I installed Ubuntu Server on my little home-server but want to save my data on an external US-Harddrive, whis is formatted with NTFS.
After I moved my data-directory regarding this way: NextCloud – Data-Verzeichnis verschieben - Hoerli.NET (its german :wink: )

After I restarted nextcloud snap I didn’t get a connection to NC. Does anyone has any solution for me? Maybe its because of the none existing access-rights for ntfs?

NTFS is definitely unsuitable to be used as a data partition but you could add your external drive as external storage.

Viel Glück,

Erfolg wär mir lieber. Aber Danke! ^^

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That is EXACTELY what I wanted :wink: nextcloud snap with data-directory on external harddrive - Ask Ubuntu.

Access rights don’t seem to be a problem (not as far as I tested for now)

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