Nextcloud on TrueNAS on Proxmox

I Wonder if Nextcloud is working fine if installed on TrueNAS on Proxmox because I tried to log without success.


Probably. But you need to learn a bit about FreeBSD and iocage and its implementation in TrueNAS if you want to use it properly.

The real question that comes to my mind though is why do you want to do this at all? Why not use a VM or an LXC container directly in Proxmox for Nextcloud, instead of virtualizing a NAS appliance to install a Nextcloud container in it?

This is probably completely offtopic for this forum, and maybe you already do so, but nevertheless I wanted to point it out… If you really want to virtualize TrueNAS and want to use it productively, use a separate controller in IT-mode for the disks you want to use with it. Then pass the whole controller to the VM, not just the individual disks.

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