Nextcloud on Synology DSM 6

I’m running Nextcloud 19.0.2 on my NAS Synology 6.2.3
On the security check, I’ve gor some the following alert (sorry in french)

Il y a quelques avertissements concernant votre configuration.

  • Aucun cache mémoire n’est configuré. Si possible, configurez un “memcache” pour améliorer les performances.
  • Cette instance ne dispose pas de plusieurs modules PHP recommandés. Il est recommandé de les installer pour améliorer les performances, et la compatibilité.

I don’t know where to change this parameters and when I ask to Synology support, they told me it is not their perimeter.

Thanks for help

salut @PascalB and welcome to the forum. Thanks for your very first contribution here.

If you’re not activating any personal theming (and neither theming app) you don’t need to install imagick-library to your php. otherwise please search the forum for getting solutions on that problem. be careful to chose the right version of the library (referring to your php-version)

again: the forum knows how to deal with that… if you’d use the :mag:-icon (aka the built-in search-function) on the upper right corner of this forum.

it would be nice if you’d post the solving answers here as well… which then would close this thread successfully (and earn you your first successful solution-award)

thanks in advance

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Thanks @JimmyKater for your help.
In fact I have searched before but without any result due to my lake of competency.
With you information, (ie Theming or imagick) I’ve found the info and know everything is ok.
Thanks again
Have a good day.