Nextcloud on Synology DiskStation; Update of DSM from 6.x to 7.0

I have Nextcloud 21 installed successfully on a Synology DiskStation 720 with DSM (Disk Station Manager) 6.x. Now, Synology is offering a new version of the DSM 7.0.
My question is: Is it possible to update the DSM to 7.0 without affecting the Nextcloud? Does anybody have experience with this?
Thank you for your reply!

There are a few Synology users here. But for things like the synology update routine, the synology community is probably the better point to ask.

Just for the Nextcloud part: In Nextcloud, you can’t skip versions. If the update doesn’t change the Nextcloud version, then there shouldn’t be a problem. If you have to upgrade to the next major one (e.g. in your case from NC 21 to NC 22), this should be possible. But it won’t go easily if your NC version was on NC 20 and the new one on NC 22.

Don’t forget to do a full backup before you change anything!

I updated my DS918+ from DSM 6.2 to 7 a few days ago. No problems affecting Nextcloud, after updating, it worked like before. I think a problem could occur if you use an older PHP version, because older versions (5.x) are no longer supported by DSM 7. My Nextcloud instance in Web Station was already running with PHP 7.4, so I had no problem with it.

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