Nextcloud on OVH Webhosting - Either Website is working or external sync

Hi everyone,

I am using Nextcloud (started with owncloud) for several years. I recently moved my installation from my own root server to a webhosting package at OVH (pro package). I installed owncloud using the webinstaller and everythings works fine. I had to deactivate php-fpm ( cause the website wasn working correctly (not loading the side etc). But after that, I was not able to sync with nextcloud using android (davx app) or thunderbird (TbSync). Davx delivers error messages regarding not finding the recources, TbSync asks for the password all the tim.
As soon as i activate php-fpm the sync is working fine, but I can not access the website.
Is anyone using nextcloud on ovh webhosting and has the same problems?

Best regards