Nextcloud "on my iphone" folder not being synced?


Just wondering if I am missing anything. On an iPhone 8 I installed the Nextcloud app, which created a “nextcloud” folder in the “on my iphone” folder. I have been using it to save files I like nextcloud to sync with the nextcloud server. But when I go into the same user account on the desktop computer, I cant find the files.

Am I missing anything? Should the content of this nextcloud folder on the iphone not automatically sync its files to the server? Or do I need to enable something else on the iphone?

Thanks for any advice.

If you want to check that, it’s easier to check first on the web interface, if the files were uploaded.

How did you save files on your phone? You can normally save/send files to the nextcloud app and chose a folder where to upload to. Perhaps it can be cached, so try to open the nextcloud app when you are connected via wifi if then everything gets uploaded. But I am not sure that I understood correctly how you saved files to Nextcloud on your phone…

Hi, Thanks for your response.

After I installed the nextcloud app on the phone I found a Nextcloud folder.

To find this folder, open the Files APP, than click on location “On My Iphone” and you will see the Nextcloud folder in here.

What I do is saving any document I download into this folder so that it will be synced to the nextcloud server. But for some reason the files in this folder are not synced or have only be partly synced.


  1. Is this the nextcloud folder to save documents (downloaded from internet e.g.) into so to have them auto synced to the nextcloud server?
  2. Do I need to check some setting again to make sure this folder is enabled to auto sync its content.

Hope I made it clearer this time. :slight_smile: