Nextcloud on Mac OS 11.2 - status bar icon missing, settings not reachable but the app works


I used nextcloud client since a few months under macOS10 and it works fine.
I updated to macOS11 (big sur) and now the icon at the status bar is missing and I cannot reach my nextcloud-settings or the synchronisation client anymore.
I deinstalled the app and installed the neweset version, but the icons are atill missing and i cannot reach any settings anymore.
The app is still running in the background and all my established connections are still working and reachable, but I cannot change them or connect to new ones.

Has anyone an idea, how I can make the icon visible again?
Or is there any other solution how to change my settings without a window?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Please check out the bug tracker, there are already some reports, e.g. Menu Bar Icon Looks Wonky on macOS Big Sur · Issue #2584 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub, please add a new one if none explains your issues. Looks like an issue on the new version.

Yes, it seems to be an issue of the new version.
After deinstalling, rebooting and installing again it is now visible on my first monitor.