Nextcloud on libreelec fails with php-version error message

Dear all,

i was running the nextcloud docker image on raspberri 3 with libreelec 10.0.4 (media server OS).
Some days ago the user interface was showing:

This version of Nextcloud is not compatible with > PHP 8.0.
You are currently running 8.1.16.

A research lead me to believe, that I have to update to the most recent ncp-docker image.

I then tried to follow the this documentation to update from docker to ncp:

After stopping and removing current image, and pulling the latest one I started the new image.
I was then able to connect to the activation page with https://.

After activation and reboot I am seing the same php error message again.

Any help, to get this resolved would be highly appreciated.

Thanks and best regards,

First of all:
Thanks to the team, who is maintaining and supporting nextcloud!

For others, who may run into the same problem, this is how I resolved it:


  • Backup user directories
  • Backup client directories
    (as files may have changed while server was offline, I am more interested in client versions than server versions)
  • Export calendar from mobile device to ical using calendar import export app from f-droid


  • Downloading and installing new libreelec image
  • Installing docker-addon from libreelec repository
  • Downloading and installing nextcloud NCP-docker according to documentation (see above)
  • Recreating users and shared calendar as administrator from web interface
  • import calendar ical backup
  • Configuring SMTP server for email communication
  • If needed, deleting and re-creating accounts on client devices (despite using same IP and server DNS-Name, extisting client accounts mostly did not work)
  • Enabling synchronization (attention: first sync may delete client files)
  • Recover client backup and sync to server

I was not aware, that the nextcloud PI panel is having a separate password for ncp user. When first getting directed to the panel, make sure to set the password under security/ncp-password.