#nextcloud on Libera.Chat

Hello Nextcloud community!

It’s been a while since the Nextcloud developers hang out on IRC, but the channel has still stayed alive on Freenode. Sometimes more and sometimes less but alive nonetheless! I’ve certainly been there all these years and maybe some of the developers might remember me.

With everything going on in Freenode that you may or may not know about (some info consolidated freenode-faq.md · GitHub), a lot of people, including me, have jumped over to a new network ran by the old operators.

#nextcloud on Libera.Chat is a purely community run channel unless the developers some day change course on IRC, but I still hope to everyone interested there! See https://libera.chat/guides/connect on how to connect to the network if you need help.

Despite not being official, it would be amazing if this channel could still be mentioned for community support, perhaps in place of all the Freenode channels on https://help.nextcloud.com/t/welcome-to-the-nextcloud-forums/8 if nowhere else. The channel isn’t meant to replace any of the official support channels and tries to remind users those exist too! But people certainly still use the Freenode IRC channel for getting community support even in recent days. I feel like that is the right choice against all that has already happened and it can only get worse.