Nextcloud on iOS

Hey I bought the Nextcloud APP from the Appstore and connected my Nextcloud account. I’m wondering because after logging in I don’t see any files I’ve uploaded from my Desktop. The folder are empty plus I can’t create folders and I can’t upload any data.

I do not receive any specific error code it just says it can’t create the folder. Do you know how to fix that in order to use the iOS APP?

I’m using a shared host service.

Do you have access to the server-log-files? With my self-hosted NC-installation, I never had this kind of problem.

I don’t. Strange thing is that I’m able to log in in the iOS APP but I don’t see anything in there and I can’t upload stuff.

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I was referring to the log-file in the admin-area of your web-instance. Not the iOS-app.

Oh, well. I somehow can’t find. I’m not even sure if I got access to it at all. I’m using all-inkl if that would help.

right upper corner:
[Your Username]>Admin>Logging

Only this one:

opendir(/tmp): failed to open dir: Permission denied at /www/htdocs/w0173491/www/nextcloud/lib/private/TempManager.php#189

Using Two Factor Authenticator and I enabled the APP password and logged in within the Nextcloud APP. When swiping down after logging in I got the following error in the iOS APP:

request failed: method not allowed (405)

in the iOS APP:

More -> activities -> Capabilities of Server xxxx/index.php … photos.php

and all other folders: Request failed: method not allowed (405)

Anything i can do? Is really like to use it on my iPhone

Here is a screenshot of the iOS app

Nobody? Please help me

Okay, it works now. But I’m really confused why.

I’m using Two Factor authentication.

When logging in with even with the APP password or the password of my account I get access but I can’t see any files and folders. Neither I can’t do anything.

But if I’m just type in and logging in with my APP password it works. Why does it not work when adding /index.php? The app is logging in as well with this way. Confusing.

i recall having read that 2fa and clients won’t work well together up to now…