Nextcloud on ios : backup photos without cache?


Im using version 15.7.3 of ios, plus
nextcloud liquid for ios
nextcloud 24.0.9 for server

on this ifirst one

and nextcloud 24.0.6 enterprise

on booth two free nextcloud servers.

I use nxtcloud to backup photos/videos of my iphone
problem is : I dont want to get a “local cache”
I tried pcloud, jotta, koofr and others backup apps, they do not create for each photo, a copy of it to upload it.
nextcloud does it, and simply photos are so taking twice of space capacity.
So I tried to disable local cache.
App says : warning! disable cache will stop/cancel current transfers !

but I need to upload my whole camera roll…
then how can I do that? Is it possible to upload the whole camera roll automatically without a local cache?

I thank you vm

hello… just was wondering if Im the only one concerned by that issue? :o:
thank you =)

You have a solution already? I have the same problem…

In the advanced settings, you can limit the age of data in the cache. The minimum is 1 week, not sure if that is enough for your to limit the data usage. Perhaps you could ask to add an even smaller option??