Nextcloud on FreeNAS only shows "Welcome to nginx!"... Help me!

I sincerely need help for this problem.

I installed Nextcloud as a plugin for FreeNAS 11.1 (latest version)

I got IP : and I successfully access to this IP address and done with making account.

But I forgot to design port number of localhost (only ‘localhos’, without numbers like 'localhost:88)

So I decided to terminate nextcloud and reinstall it.

Unfortunately, after I reinstalled and access to IP address I’ve got and same as before, I only can see the page like first picture.

I cannot see account setting page anymore so I install nextcloud plugin again and nextcloud_2 is installed.

It is assigned IP address : and I can see account setting page.

But after enter ID, password same as what I set at first time and fill the box on the bottom of the page like dbuser, dbpassword, dbname I’ve got when installing nextcloud,

I only face error message likes below

I was getting discouraged and I decided to format boot device and reinstall FreeNAS and Nextcloud as plugin.

But I can only get same IP address (.114) and see same nginx page like first picture.

How can I see account setting pages again and create nextcloud account without any errors likes these things?


not sure, what database you are using. If you don’t use SQLite, then drop old nextcloud database first. Re-install the cloud afterwards and have a new try.

Kind regards