Nextcloud on docker sharing SMB share from a different server


So I have a file server running Windows Server 2016, and another running Docker on Ubuntu 18. Can I run Nextcloud on docker to share a network share from my WS2016 server?

Sure. You’ll have to rebuild the Nextcloud Docker image so it has smbclient, or open a shell in it and install smbclient via apt.

Other than that, you just need network connectivity, credentials, and the included external storage app.

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Thanks for the reply,

I have tried to get to the shell to install smbclient but the container doesnt stay running long enough for me to do this?

Do you know how I can get it to stay running?

If your container won’t stay running then something else must be going on.

Ideally you would want to go with the build option because the recommended way to upgrade the container is to throw it out, re-pull the image, and create a new container linked back to the same volumes you had mounted previously for your web and data folders. In this case the installed smbclient would get tossed out with the bold container.

This is what the logs say:

Even after deleting the image and container and starting again.

That’s interesting. That’s from the Nextcloud container’s Apache log? I wonder what could be telling Apache to shut down.