Nextcloud on Android creating 0 byte file after sync

Hi, i have problem with nextcloud.
Why everytime i sync from nextcloud android, it’s creating 0 bytes files. It’s not showing when browse by solid explorer or pictures gallery. But when i try to share pictures using WhatsApp or Facebook, there is blank picture

When i try using search on solid explorer, i can see the files, but i cannot delete it. It’s very annoying when i want to share pictures from WhatsApp or Facebook or others app
Please help

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This error when i search in solid explorer and try to delete it

No help here?

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have you searched the forum for 0 byte, already?

Yes, already try search here, but not found similar problem.

We have the same situation here: Blank files in android gallery

Thank you. I can see, there is no solution how to stop nextcloud creating 0 byte file
But at least i know how to delete it now, using file explorer that can browse as images

Known issue without a solution or known root cause yet, feel free to follow on

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