Nextcloud on a pi4

I’m in a dilemma. I would like to set up nextcloud on a raspberry pi4. Thinking it would be easy, I ordered a pi4 and got going on nextcloud right away. I tried tutorial after tutorial on how to set up nextcloud on raspberry pi. What I really want is nextcloud on a raspberry pi4, which has the secure tag, I can use from outside my house and is using a hard drive. also I would like it to boot up without any errors if any powercut happens. can someone please help me out


Use from
path NNextCloudPi_RPi_03-28-20

Use the image on

On linux:

bunzip2 NextCloudPi_RPi_03-28-20.tar.bz2
tar xvf NextCloudPi_RPi_03-28-20.tar

dd to sd

on windows you must use another zip-tool and copy image (not file) to sd
Boot the image. Does ist work?

Not tested. I do not have a pi.

I will test this. But what happens if the power cuts out. will I have to do all the steps again?

I alslo want to add an external hard drive, how would i do that?

You use the terminal, mount the external hard drive under /mnt/hd, set the owner and group to www-data (nextcloud user perhaps nc) and change the settings for data-dir to /mnt/hd .

Actually, NextcloudPi has a WebGui that will help you install an external hdd and all the other little features. Its very easy.

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Don’t worry i think that the nextcloudpi link devnull sent to me has me covered. there is a tutorial on it telling me how to do it. thanks

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