NextCloud on 2 POOLs in Truenas Scale

Good day.

I have TrueNas Scale running and would like to get NextCloud up and running.
I want to run NextCloud on my NvmePool (ISO, db, etc.). Apps are also all stored on the NvmePool. And the user data should be on the Pool2 (3.5 HDDs) though.

When I try to set it this way, I get the error message that NextCloud has no rights, or can’t find the path.

Nextcloud data directory:

owner@ - www-data
Group: www-data
How can I set this up correctly, are there any instructions on how to do this.

Thanks for the help

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post your config.php (don’t forget to redact sensitive data from it)

I am sorry that I am not able to work on the command line. I can’t find or open the config.php.

I took pictures of the settings on the web interface.

Maybe this will help.
Thanks for the help

unfortunately i can only upload 2 pictures

You’ll need to ask Truenas support forum and link this there.

Also see their documentation.