Nextcloud official web page is blank when ad-blocker enabled

If I open this page with uBlock Origin enabled:

I’m getting a blank page, and this error message in the console:

I’m sure it’s an overlook but for an organisation that champions user privacy, it doesn’t look good to serve blank pages just because the user has an ad-blocker.

@laurent Just to be sure, did you check the same page again later? I’ve noticed the site going down for brief periods several times this year, so you may have been unlucky in timing.

Otherwise: I currently have no trouble accessing or displaying the page you linked. I have uBlock Origin, Firefox’s built-in protection, EFF’s Privacy Badger, and DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials all enabled, with near-default settings. The only things blocked are cookies from YouTube and, which appears to be a Piwik analytics server hosted on the same IP block as Do you have any custom lists or settings enabled that might apply here?

For me it works without uBlock Origin but doesn’t with it (and still doesn’t). I’ve checked and it’s due to the Annoyances filter which blocks cookie notices.

As far as I can see there’s no issue with the filter, and it’s Nextcloud that should fail gracefully when this non-essential cookie popup script is not loaded.

See below for full details:

the website has a repository

here they still use wordpress, some things might be difficult to change. There were plans to move to hugo:

However, the website clearly has no ads. And they shouldn’t have any 3rd-party tracking, so if there are issues, please contact them directly through the bug tracker.