Nextcloud Office WOPI allow list for setups with dynamic IP

I have a Nextcloud and a Collabora docker installation. Both are behind a Traefik reverse proxy but on the same network ( I can’t get the allow list for WOPI requests to work. I found several other posts with this issue but their solutions wouldn’t work for me.

First, some people just put in the docker network range. That didn’t work for me. Collabora wouldn’t load. Do Nextcloud and Collabora need to be connected directly in that case? Meaning not via “” but via “collabora-container-name:9980”?

Secondly, others put in their public IP. That does work and Collabora loads fine, but because I have a dynamic IP that is not a viable solution.

Another problem is that all solutions use NGINX reverse proxy which I have no experience in.

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@15sawyer do you have any update on this?

Sorry, not really. The closest “solution” I found is to add all Subnet ranges from your ISP to your WOPI-allowed list. This wasn’t acceptable for me, but maybe for you. If you find another solution, let me know.

I’m not sure, if the external accessibility from the collabora container is necessary. If yes the issue should be relevant for all installations, with not static up.