Nextcloud Office: Web browser's back arrow doesn't work, blank screen

Hi togehter,

Is that Issue known by other users in this forum? Is there a work around? Sombody working on it?

I’m refering (and copying, thx) to issue on github #3204

originally reported by Julie

When I click on the web browser’s arrow to go back one step (i.e. out of the spreadsheet and back to the original folder I entered) it doesn’t always respond and I have to repeat the action another 1 or 2 times before I can “escape” the spreadsheet.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Open a spreadsheet
  2. Click the web browser’s back button
  3. Sometimes nothing happens, just a blank screen
  4. I need to click multiple times (URL in the address bar changes but nothing happens) until I’m back to NC BUT not the place I was expecting to: Dashboard

Expected behavior
Click arrow to go back should get me back to the previous screen that I was in before opening the spreadsheet.

Client details:


Server details

  • This Nextcloud is on version 28.0.5
  • Collabora Online Development Edition f12ee1f