Nextcloud office not working with latest Chrome but firefox working fine

nextcloud office : 8.0.2
Collabora Online - Built-in CODE Server : 22.5.1301

in the nextcloud log i see no errormessage for office.

In the chrome developer i see:

caught DOMException: Failed to execute 'send' on 'XMLHttpRequest': Failed to load ''.
    at request_JSON (
    at String_ctr.<computed> (
request_JSON @ VM2056 bundle.js:9605
String_ctr.<computed> @ VM2056 bundle.js:9609
(anonym) @ VM2056 bundle.js:9643
(anonym) @ VM2056 bundle.js:9648

Any idea?

PS: i have test with nc 26.0.2 and i have the problem with chrom browser bei open document:

Error during post message handler {msgId: 'App_LoadingStatus', args: {…}, deprecated: false} TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'attributes')
    at FileList._updateDetailsView (merged-index.js?v=9b67f81c-18:4801:21)
    at Object.getFileModel (FilesAppIntegration.js:202:22)
    at Object.initAfterReady (FilesAppIntegration.js:79:9)
    at a.postMessageHandler (Office.vue:245:1)
    at postMessage.tsx:91:17
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at e.handlePostMessage (postMessage.tsx:85:34)
    at postMessage.tsx:29:19
(anonymous) @ postMessage.tsx:97
e.handlePostMessage @ postMessage.tsx:85
(anonymous) @ postMessage.tsx:29
postMessage (async)
t.sendPostMessage @ postMessage.tsx:41
r @ document.js:304
(anonymous) @ postMessage.tsx:91
t.handlePostMessage @ postMessage.tsx:85
(anonymous) @ postMessage.tsx:29
postMessage (async)
_postMessage @ proxy.php?req=/browser/6ba7057/bundle.js:22856
fire @ proxy.php?req=/browser/6ba7057/bundle.js:12395
_setWopiProps @ proxy.php?req=/browser/6ba7057/bundle.js:22750
fire @ proxy.php?req=/browser/6ba7057/bundle.js:12395
_onMessage @ proxy.php?req=/browser/6ba7057/bundle.js:12578
_emitSlurpedEvents @ proxy.php?req=/browser/6ba7057/bundle.js:12494
(anonymous) @ proxy.php?req=/browser/6ba7057/bundle.js:12481
setTimeout (async)
_queueSlurpEventEmission @ proxy.php?req=/browser/6ba7057/bundle.js:12481
_slurpMessage @ proxy.php?req=/browser/6ba7057/bundle.js:12501
(anonymous) @ proxy.php?req=/browser/6ba7057/cool.html?
(anonymous) @ proxy.php?req=/browser/6ba7057/cool.html?
load (async)
(anonymous) @ proxy.php?req=/browser/6ba7057/cool.html?
setInterval (async)
(anonymous) @ proxy.php?req=/browser/6ba7057/cool.html?
(anonymous) @ proxy.php?req=/browser/6ba7057/cool.html?WOPISrc=https%3A%2F%2Fnextcloud-

ok i have found an issue.
in the webserver config i have delete all security header settings and now working. Crazy.
only the header settings from .htaccess come with nextcloud are now activ.
Why nextcloud Office not working with all security headers?