Nextcloud Office issue in NC25 after changing from OnlyOffice to NC-Office


today I have updatet mein NC from NC24 to NC 25.0.6.
Debian 11.7 (64-bit)
Apache 2.4.56
PHP 7.4.33 / 8.0.27 for subdomain of NC25 instance

Parallel to the upgrade of the nextcloud version I want to switch from OnlyOffice (+document_server app) to NextCloud-Office (with Collabora Online - Built-in CODE Server app)

In principal the NC is working - expept the NextCloud Office.

After the upgrade to NC25 I have disable and removed the “old apps” OnlyOffice and Docmentation_Server.
Then I installed and activated the Collabora Online - Built-in CODE Server - which was successfully done. During the installation and activation of NextCloud Office I got an error, that the ‘canwrite’ column on talbe ‘oc_richdocuments_wopi’ is not available.
After some reserche I found the hint in the internet (Nextcloud-Office öffnet keine Dateien - #7 von lessi - Nextcloud/Owncloud - that this could be a problem if there are ‘old’ oc_richdocument… tables from older collabora tests availabe. Which could be in my case as well.
So I diabled Collabora and NextCloud-Office App, removed all oc_richdocument… tables, deleted ‘richdocuments’ lines in the oc_migration table and activated ‘Collabora’ and ‘NextCloud Office’ App again.
After these changes the NextCloud Office app startet successfully.
And after entering the correct “Allow list for WOPI requests”.

==> Collabora Online Server ist erreichbar. (green bubble) is shown in the Admin-NextCloudOffice setting page.

Generally it looks successfull. But if I want to open a existing docx / xlsx (or create a new odt file) I see the message “Lade xyz.docx” and the circle is running all the time. But the file will not be opened.

I only can aboard that by logoff and login again in nextcloud.

The mouse-over link shows me following link of one of the files I want to open →
Is that link in principal correct?

Based on the fact that I hat used OnlyOffice before I have done the following to eleimate the ‘old’ entries in the database, but this also not helps to solve the NextCloud Office issue:
DROP TABLE IF EXISTS oc_onlyoffice_filekey;
DROP TABLE IF EXISTS oc_onlyoffice_instance;
DROP TABLE IF EXISTS oc_onlyoffice_permissions;
DELETE from oc_migrations where app=onlyoffice;

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS oc_documentserver_changes;
DROP TABLE IF EXISTS oc_documentserver_ipc;
DROP TABLE IF EXISTS oc_documentserver_locks;
DROP TABLE IF EXISTS oc_documentserver_sess;
DELETE from oc_migrations where app=documentserver_community;

Any other idear?


any idea what I still can do?
Thanks a lot

I had a lot of issues getting CODE to play nicely too - and that was on new installs. Thought:
Is the CODE server actually running running?
I have Apache2 / PHP-FPM configured, if it launches correctly a systemctl status php-fpm (or php8.1-fpm depending on config) should list a bunch of pool: www entries and 6 lines of stuff referring to bash, mounts and coolswd.
The other though is have reaches limit for number of PHP processes? This is killing me and leave Nextcloud spinning circles at me and refusing to so anything else untill I force a restart of PHP.

Good luck…