Nextcloud office is not operational after clean install NextCloud


Nextcloud office is not operational after clean install latest NextCloud
(24.0.8snap1 28/12/22)

I have clean install Ubuntu 22.04.1
update && apt upgrade
snap install nextcloud

I can’t open docx file “Welcome to nextcloud Hub.docx”
New browser tab open, and the circle spins endlessly on the screen.

The same situation with another doc files.
Please help me to solve this problem!


I, too, have noticed this, on Snap version 25.0.6snap1 - 25 Apr 2023. I suspect this other post is the cause. The error seems to be that Collabora switched the service name from loolwsd to coolwsd, which broke Nextcloud Office, but unless someone posts detailed instructions on how to fix that exactly, there’s nothing fellow hobbyist can do, but wait for a new version that will work. Perhaps previous versions (on Snapcraft) might work. I wish us luck. Thanks.

Same problem here. I cannot get it to work under any condition…