Nextcloud Office - integrated CODE servers is shutting down after some idle time

Hi, I am using latest NC23.0.1 version on Debian 10. I have successfully installed Nextcloud Office with the integrated CODE App.
It is also working fine, BUT:
If no one is using the Buildin Office functionality to open or edit documents for some time, it seems that the images which will do this stuff is shutting down in the background. I then have to go to settings - Nextcloud Office and klick again the line “Use the Built in CODE - Collabora Online Development Edition”.

Is there any way to prevent NC to shutdown the CODE app? I want to share alink with customers, and some can edit the file, some days later i get reported that only a “Download” message will appear, but no online editing, until I click again on that entry. That is really bad behaviour.

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Problem occurs now almost every day - has no one who a clue what could be the reason? Or is there any logfile where I can see why the CODE is stopping?

I am getting a similar issue and I must restart my apache service to have it working again. I am using nextcloud 22.2.3 with built-in CODE.