Nextcloud-office (collabora) some shortcuts in firefox break after some time

My setup:

  • debian-vm1
    • nextcloud 26.0.7 and 27.1.1
      • nextcloud-office aka. richdocuments 8.0.4 and 8.2.0
    • php8.1-fpm
    • nginx (also working as reverse proxy for collabora on debian-vm2)
  • debian-vm2
  • firefox 108.01
  • chromium 117.0.5938.62

I think the version numbers are irrelevant for my problem:
Shortcuts Ctrl-x and Ctrl-c are not working in firefox. Some others are (Ctrl-v, Ctrl-b,…) When I use Chromium all are working. 11 days ago I fixed this issue by updating collabora 23.05.2-2 → 23.05.4-2. After this update the shortcuts did work using firefox (with the version I used back then - so maybe it is not a firefox problem). After a while I came back and the shortcuts are not working again.
What I tried:

  • set logging to “information” in coolwsd.xml: Every working shortcut produces an entry in the logs (so maybe it is not a collabora problem?)
  • restarting nginx
  • restarting coolwsd
  • restarting debian-vm2
  • using firefox private mode
  • using other firefox on other computer

Everything to no avail. Does anyone has suggestions

  • how to debug this?
  • where to write a bug report?
  • what other information may be helpful?

Thanks in advance

updating from 23.05.4-2 → did not fix this issue.

Since I don’t know what to do and nobody answerd I filed a bug report for firefox: 1859613 - Some keyboard shortcuts (ex. ctrl-c, ctrl-x) do not work in collabora online

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Maybe doesn’t help just my 2ct regarding the problem.

In my installation [ctrl]+[c] and [crtl]+[v] together with [ctrl]+[x] and [crtl]+[v] works on fresh opened .ods sheet.

  • nc27 (docker/apache)
  • code
  • firefox 118.0.2 (64-bit) on Windows 10

NC and CODE run as separated docker containers, behind traefik reverseproxy.

Thanks for your reply.
I experienced this problem on linux only (different setups). It works with the same installation using firefox on windows.

in case this is specific to linux I think your choose the right way opening bug report against firefox.
I see you tested multiple distros already - thank you for your effort!

Updating collabora online 23.05.4-2 → 23.05.5-3 fixes this issue for now. Let’s see how long it lasts this time.

Still works using firefox 120.0