Nextcloud office cannot change settings allow groups to use or edit (always empty)

after update to nc 28.1

problems with office came up ( document can not be saved, check permissions)

in settings office it is not possible to disable (allow all users ) to use and edit files with nc office

the list is empty even after adding a group again

any ideas how to fix this ?

Sounds like it may be a bug.

Can you check your browser console for any clues when you’re trying to toggle/adjust the setting?

Might be worth checking for and/or submitting a bug report at GitHub - nextcloud/richdocuments: 📑 Collabora Online for Nextcloud

P.S. You should be able to modify adjust the parameter via occ. e.g. to disable it entirely: ./occ config:app:delete richdocuments use_groups

thanks for the hint with occ !


after adding

 application/javascript mjs;



and restarting nginx & php-fpm

so 2 issues
(document can not be saved, check permission)
(change and edit settings (allow all users or groups)


along with a ton of others seems to be linked to that mime.types


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