Nextcloud Office as Google Sheets alternative?


We are a small organization and we use a shared Google Sheet (spreadsheet) to exchange information. Unfortunately, Google is ditching this easy solution (see Sign in - Google Accounts) and forces us to upgrade to “Google Workspace” with a lot of features that we don’t need…

So I looked at Nextcloud Office. On Collabora online - Nextcloud (I assume “Collabora Online” = “Nextcloud Office”), I read “Collabora Online supports editing your documents in real time with multiple other editors”. So my question is simple:

if userA modifies a cell in a spreadsheet, does userB see the changes IMMEDIATELY, or only after userA has saved changes?

Thanks for any information, I was looking for a demo video but couldn’t find the answer

yes :slight_smile: it is all real time. I like it a lot, I use collabora every day. Collabora online is indeed the same as Nextcloud office. For organisational use I do recommend though to not use the built in server (CODE) but the collabora enterprise solution, the performance is really much better and more stable. Collabora is automatically enabled on the demo instance of Nextcloud, which you could try out here and for info on the enterprise license you can go here
Get A Quote - Nextcloud

Thank you very much! I just tried the demo and I could see it was all in real time indeed! We are self-hosting Nextcloud 20.0.1 so I’ll snapshot the instance and upgrade to the latest version to enjoy Office. Thanks again

good luck! :smiley: