NextCloud offered as SaaS solution in a specific Azure tenant?

Since many years, we already use NextCloud in a package under a Linux host hosted in Azure. The proudct is working fine and give us what we need !

Where it’s most complicated is to maintain the asset/service always up to date (OS Platform and NextCloud himself) and to manage the growing space disk at OS level.

My question is:

It is possible to obtain NextCloud in a SaaS offer to stop managing that… where the data will but under my Azure tenant and/or a SaaS option to specify the location where the data and settings of my instance will be saved ? (Ensure theses informations will be in the desired Country)?

There are many “managed Nextcloud” offers but AFAIK all of them are build on the hosters infrastructure. I think you are rather looking for “professional service” to install and run the system in your Azure tenant. Reach out to Nextcloud GmbH for enterprise support.