Nextcloud Notifications not working


I`m using nextcloud in docker. Issue I鈥檓 facing is i cant get email notifications for activities. Email is properly configured, i can send test email. I checked owncloud.db and under oc-activity_mq is empty. I have tried following An exception occurred while executing 'ALTER TABLE oc_activity_mq ADD COLUMN amq_subjectparams CLOB NOT NULL' 路 Issue #24326 路 nextcloud/server 路 GitHub method but still no luck. Tried new container and still nothing. Is there a way i can trace if notifications are getting generated before dispatching activities as email. I鈥檓 on latest docker image

Ok. So kept digging and got file sharing notifications to work. Still waiting for someone to share any thought for activity notifications email to work. Just for info in database role oc_activity_mq stays empty, no entry there at all.

Settings 鈫 Personal 鈫 Activity.
Check all the boxes you want to be notified for under the notification method you want.
At the bottom, set 鈥渟end notification emails鈥 to the desired frequency (as soon as possible, hourly, daily, weekly).

Also go into Settings 鈫 Administration 鈫 Basic Settings, and make sure that Background jobs is configured correctly and has a green dot. If they aren鈥檛 running, then it probably won鈥檛 send emails reliably.

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Upon sharing file and then accessing it does show entries in oc_activity_mq but nothing shows up in table when file is deleted created or modified.

I`ve double checked and all boxes are checked.