Since today " Nextcloud-Benachrichtigung" does not work. I have to use backupcodes to login.
My mobile phone shows the “accept” dialog but pressing the “accept” button does not log me in @ my computer (phone is the second factor).

I’m using nextcloud snap latest version. The version 22.2.0 was installed 7 hours before. Running the previous version there were no problems.

I have just reverted to the previous version 22.1.1 of nextcloud. The login via 2nd factor “Nextcloud-Benachrichtigung” works again. So the latest version 22.2.0 seems to have an issue.

sudo snap revert nextcloud

Same here. Submitted a bug report.

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There is a patch available. I hope a fixed version will be released soon.

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Version 22.2.0snap2 (no patch installed) still shows the same login problem using “Nextcloud-Benachrichtigung” as 2nd factor on an android phone.

I have to revert to 22.1.1snap2 to login.

snap versions are using “read-only” filesystems, so I can’t install the patch :-/ hope the snap maintainer will do it.