Nextcloud Notes - Single Sign On doesn't work


I have just installed LineageOS 19.1 (20211121) on my old Fairphone 3. Using F-Droid I have downloaded and installed the “Nextcloud” and “Nextcloud Notes” apps. The “Nextcloud” app (Version 20221118) works fine, but when I try to logon into the “Nextcloud Notes” app (Version 3.7.0), I get the error below.

Your Nextcloud Files app currently does not support the single sign on feature

Just to add that Battery Optimisation does not run for the “Nextcloud” app (I read somewhere this may be a workaround).

There was an issue opened on GitHub, only for other apps. I just want to mention that I am not using a dev version.

I hope there is someone who can help with this.


It is working now. It was my mistake - I WAS using the developer version of Nextcloud but, as the icon in the drawer, and on the home screen is missing the “DEV” sign (this shows before installing the app, in the F-Droid store only), I assumed I was using the standard version of the app.

nc_dev_logo vs nc_logo

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