Nextcloud Notes sharing


Does anyone know of an app with which I can share Notes?

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Have a look on the following apps:

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But when i create a note with Carnet for example, I can’t share this note is there any way how i can do this?

I have the same problem here. I want to share my notes with other users but i have no clue how to achieve this. I am missing that option in the note section. I mean, i can share my files, contact, calendar and tasks but i have no clue how to share my notes.

Any help is appreciated

I do not use Carnet, but Notes instead with Android Application.

  1. All notes are saved in a Notes folder (per default) as .txt or .md files, e.g. /Notes.
  2. Simply share file with other user (user2) via Nextcloud share function.
  3. Then this user2 must move this file to the folder of Notes, e.g. /Notes
  4. Both users will see and will able to update one note file with each other.
    P.S. you can share Read Only notes via standard share functions.


It is working the same with Folders under /Notes, folders are being used as TAG there and all notes under the same folder/tag could be shared at once.

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There is no merging of changes, so sharing notes is risky.

I agree with you here.

I would not agree with you fully, at least it is not more risky if I edit it by my self with multiple devices.

User1 has Notes as Application on NC Server (1), as Android Notes Client (2) and file saved on a laptop with NC Client(3)

  1. Now User open Notes on NC Server 1 and creates test.txt.
  2. Now User goes to his Phone 2 and pull to refresh. After this user will have test.txt on his phone.

…A few minutes later…

  1. User made changes via his phone 2 but due to no wifi, or bad interet conditions those were not able to be pushed to the server.
  2. User made changes in webUI 1 and added some text to the file
  3. Now Phone 2 comes to the internet and sync it self with a server - it’s overwriting changes made on step 4, or basically all changes that were made between last pull (step 2) and push (step 5).

With desktop client it is a bit better - it will check that file was change before you change it local and give a warning - you have to merge text manually.
Basically the same race condition as I used it alone from multiple devices. But you right, you need to keep it in mind :slight_smile:

Indeed, multiple devices or sessions is just as bad as multiple users.

I wonder if the new file locking feature in NC18 can be integrated in the notes app.

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hey there. very useful thread. thanks all.
It should be mentioned in the app description that sharing is possible because that is a great feature that potentially many people are looking for.

Also it would be good to document it a bit on how to share the notes.