Nextcloud Notes for iPhone. App broken? (New user)


My first day using Nextcloud. Signed up for the free TheGood.Cloud account.

-I start the iPhone Nextcloud Notes app.
-Create a new note.
-The new note is automatically called ‘New Note’.
-I cannot find a way (in the app) to change the name of the note. ‘New Note’ is stuck.

This using Notes 4.9.1 on Nextcloud 26.0.10 Enterprise. iOS is 17.3.1.

Any idea how to rename the ‘New Note’ note, in the iPhone app?

/ Mike

Sorry i use the Android Notes app. But after open the note e.g. “New Note” at the top i can click on the name and then i can edit the name. Maybe you can change the note directly in the web at Check directly in Nextcloud whether the app Notes is supported at all.

You may also want to take a look at the normal Nextcloud app in iOS. You can also simply create, edit or read “notes” with Nextcloud Text in that app. Nextcloud Notes and Nextcloud Text are very similar. Nextcloud Text is actually much more flexible, as the Markdown files can be located anywhere and not just in the Notes folder.

Created some notes in the Notes iPhone app. I ended up with “New note”, “New note (2)” etc.
I was rather puzzled and thought that I had overlooked ‘something’ regarding the naming of the notes, when using the Notes iPhone app.

Yep, I have no problem changing the names outside of the Notes app. That is working fine. Thanks for the suggestions.

/ Mike