Nextcloud Notes desktop app

Hi peeps,
I’ve created an unofficial simple Nextcloud Notes desktop application which is open-source and free to use for everyone. I’d like everyone to take part in this and give me as much feedback as possible.

It’s created using Qt 5.15.2 and cross-platform. There’s a deployed Windows x64 version in the Releases section, however it should be easily compilable for Linux and macOS as well.

Best, taiBsu


Um, it doesn’t really work.

There’s no obvious way to connect to my Nextcloud, it just appears to want to know the path to my “InstantUpload” folder? Which is pointless considering my notes are in my cloud, not hosted locally.

What am I missing?

Edit: No answer? How do I give it a URL? How does this Notes Desktop app access my Notes? Or am I fundamentally misunderstanding what this app is for?

Hi Steve,
ugh, sorry. For whatever reason I didn’t get a notification for answers nor anything else here.
You’re right, at the moment this app doesn’t fetch information from the cloud but form your Nextcloud folder which you define when installing the Nextcloud Desktop App.
However I really like the idea of fetching data remotely given the URL. I think it would be worth thinking about an implementation for that.