Nextcloud not showing as storage on Samsung S9 tablet


on my Pixel 7 phone is listed as storage option in the file manager, so that I can select it from every app.

On the Samsung S9 tablet nextcloud doesn’t show and is not usable from any app.

Any ideas how to fix this?
Thanks, Ingo

I can’t think of a good reason why the DocumentsProvider wouldn’t be usable on both.

Though different Android vendors do like to move around and relabel where and how cloud storage providers show up in their semi-custom file managers.

I’m assuming the Android client is working fine on your S9 otherwise? As in your can open it directly and browse your files, correct.

You might try adding the silly shortcut to the sometimes hidden standard Files picker:

Yes, the nextcloud app is working fine.
I just can’t save files from some apps via “save”, but only via “share”.
Stupid workaround, but works…