Nextcloud not present anymore in Android file explorer


I reinstalled my phone from scratch after an accidental wipe one week ago. After Nextcloud app installed I could navigate my Nextcloud through the Android file manager, but since 2 days the Nextcloud entry has gone (see screenshot)


I tried to uninstall/reinstall the app without success.

Any hints someone ?

Thank you for your help !

Hia! Welcome to the nextcloud community :slight_smile:

That’s pretty new to me, I tried checking my android file explorer and I could not see it listed either.
Are you sure it was possible before?

If yes, did you use something like solid explorer to mount the drive? I have never seen that before :open_mouth:

Hi !

Yes I’m sure it was possible few days ago. I use Keepass DX and I open my keepass db from android file manager by selecting Nextcloud in the navigation pane.No, I never mounted the drive using something like solid explorer , it’s automatic.

This morning I tried with my Nexus 7 tablet, I installed Nextcloud and Keepass DX, it’s working like a charm ! Look at this screenshot.

Probably very basic but did you try removing all data from the app from android settings, and reinstall? Make sure you grant permission for storage :slight_smile:

I tried to remove all data from the app, checked app permissions, and reconfigured the app, Nextcloud entry is still missing :sob:

Under system settings -> Accounts -> Nextcloud, do you have the synchronisation enabled ?
It looks like it’s disabled by default. Nothing change if I enable this…

You know what ? It works now ! The Nextcloud entry is present again without any particular action :thinking:
I don’t know why my problem is solved but it’s cool ! :star_struck:

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