Nextcloud + nginx proxy manager can't connect from ios

I just set up Nextcloud 20 behind a nginx proxy manager and I can connect to it from my pc and my android phone just fine but when I try it with any of my ios 14 devices I always get an “connection timed out” error. I added the “trusted_proxies” parameter in the config.php but it didn’t work. When I publish the VM directly without the proxy I can access it from ios, just not behind the proxy…

Has anyone here had the same issue?

edit: I’ve tried chrome, safari and the nextcloud app. Nothing seems to work.

okay I fixed it by adding the following parameter to the npm advanced config:

proxy_hide_header Upgrade;


Same problem here. And same solution as well.
adding “proxy_hide_header Upgrade;” solves iOS 14.x access.

iOS 13.x did not have this problem.

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