Nextcloud/NextcloudPi with Traefik on a Raspi 4 (Raspberry OS Lite)


I wanna create a docker container with Traefik as reverse proxy and another container for Nextcloud/Nextcloudpi on my raspi 4 with the raspberry OS Lite image installed.

I got Traefik installed. but I fail every time with the Nextcloud. Also because it often only works with Ubuntu 64Bit…

Maybe one of you can help me what installation of NC/NCP I have to run that it works with Traefik.

Is Traefik not working nginx will be also okay. But a SSL certificate is required bc the Pi should be accessible from outside.


nextcloudpi won’t work with traefik. afaik. it has a build-in “get a cert and redirect to port 443”. traefik must talk to port 80 of the nextcloud container and will be redirected to port 443. and nextcloudpi won’t be able to get a valid certificate for it’s container name. (hope you get the problem.)

i can’t promise that it will work on a raspi OS lite: GitHub - ReinerNippes/nextcloud_on_docker: Run Nextcloud in Docker Container on various Linux Hosts . but you may try.

or you search for a docker-compose file to setup nextcloud and traefik. there are several available.

nextcloud pi should have this build in. so you don’t need traefik.

btw: we had a similar discussion here: Migration to Traefik with Nextcloud/LinuxServer image: need help! the LinuxServer image has also build in letsencrypt/https and won’t work with traefik.