Nextcloud news no updating - oc_jobs-reserved_at <> 0

Hi Everyone,

I’m running Nextcloud 23.0.3 with the news app. Since a couple of days, the feeds do not refresh. Cron job is running fine but I face the issue from the News FAQ :

Check if the oc_jobs table has a reserved_at entry with a value other than 0. If it does for whatever reason, set it to 0.

I’m able to fix the issue by updating the reserved_at field as per the FAQ but the issue usually appears again after a couple of hours so not really a solution.

I checked the logs but could not find anything unusual. Any clue on what could cause this behavior or where to start to find the root cause?



Hey no idea what the root cause is in your case.

Basically the job system from nextcloud executes this job regularly and that triggers the news update code.
If the process gets interrupted by something the job framework will keep the value as it is and not execute the job again, as this is kind of a lock, which is supposed to prevent that multiple jobs of the same kind run at the same time.

Maybe you have a regular other job that stops either php or your webserver.

The job framework is set to unlock a job after 12h, because it assumes that after so much time the chance to have two jobs in parallel is minimal.