Nextcloud must open my browser to authenticate every time my computer starts up

Every time I log in to my computer, the Nextcloud desktop client automatically starts–as expected–but it must launch my browser and ask me to authenticate with the server each and every time. It’s annoying, and this never happened when I used Nextcloud on Ubuntu or Manjaro; I’d just authenticate the Nextcloud desktop client once and it’d just work forever–no authentication ever required in the future. This only started happening after I switched to EndeavourOS.

Nextcloud version (eg, 20.0.5): 3.5.1 (EndeavourOS)

Operating system and version (eg, Ubuntu 20.04): endeavouros-5.17.9-arch1-1

*I don’t know how to get all that info about Apache/nginx or PHP but I don’t think they’re installed on my local machine. Let me know what info you need.

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? Yes, but it’s only happened since I started using Nextcloud on EndeavourOS. This didn’t happen on Ubuntu or Manjaro.

Steps to replicate it:

1. Log in to computer.
2. Wait for Nextcloud to launch Firefox and ask me to log in to the server yet again.

You need a keychain/keyring, otherwise it will not work. Something like gnome-keyring. Most Linux Distros have something like this pre-installed. See also:


I installed gnome-keyring. It’s still happening. What now?

Nevermind. It took a few startups, but now the issue is resolved. Thank you.

 I have and always had key ring installed on my system. It used to work fine, now I have to login every single time. I don't remember what app version it started happening but its been at least a month or two. Any suggestions? Again my key ring is installed and all setup, I know its working because I have it setup to automatically unlock certain key pairs, encryption keys, and ssh keys.