Nextcloud Moodle Integration available

Hi there,
I was using ownCloud as an repository and that doesn’t work any more (easily).
Are there any efforts to include such a solution in Nextcloud?
Would be a major advantage over ownCloud and I can imagine that is could attract many ownCloud users.

Hi Tom,

Could you provide us more details about your ownCloud and Nextcloud-instance (version, …)?
Why does this not longer work? Which error message do you get?

This Documentation should help:

In general - it should work :wink: ownCloud and Nextcloud are using the open WebDAV standard, Moodle is using for its integration. I think there is an configuration problem on your instance-side…



I am not so deep in this topic. And our system admin is very much engaged in other work that needs to be done before, so I try to do some preparing work.

Facts are:
We didn’t install Nextcloud yet. We are working with ownCloud Version 2.2.4 (build 3709) and Moodle 3.1.2+ (Build: 20160915)
Before, we could use ownCloud as a repository for Moodle. It worked like this:
When I put a file in the resp. ownCloud directory, the file was updated on Moodle depending on the Moodle settings. Nothing else needed to be done. Also clients could update automatically.

There was an update ownCloud. Since that time this automatic update seems not to be working any more. As I understand there is a problem in ownCloud not supporting LTI. I think, here is some more information on that topic:
Our admin said, maybe it works with Nextcloud. So I am trying to find out …

But I am not so experienced in this area. So if there is a possibility to get the thing running again, I would be really happy.

All the best,

It’s me again.
Happy new year! :slight_smile:
I am still having difficulties reaching for the repository
I checked the documentation given.

I enlisted a user named “scorm” with a password in ownCloud.
It’s HTTPS-Server

to be continued (only one pic per post)

I setup the WebDAV-settings on Moodle 3.2

I tried to access the data

There are no files shown.
ownCloud version is 9.1.0 (stable)

I have no clue about where to change whatever to make it running …
Does anybody have an idea what I could do?
(if you want more information, just tell me. I will be happy to deliver …)
Thanks a lot,