NextCloud mobile app error cannot log in to my server

i cannot log in with the mobile app from my iphone. i get get an error that says the server is temporarily unavailable.

i know for fact that my next cloud server instance is up and running because i can go a web browser on the same phone and enter the url and log into the web site.

in fact i can log in to it from any browser, from any pc, from anywhere. but the nextcloud iphone app will not go there.

this is massively annoying as its going on a week now like this.

I have reset the phone, and deleted and reloaded the nc app multiple times but nothing…

Please someone help with this, i posted a thread in the support section and get zero help there.


Sometimes there is a problem with the url. Can you use the url with https:// and only the domain name. Test both.

Post screenshots. Look also the apache2 webserver logs and Nextcloud logs. Can you test with another iPhone and with Android?

i cannot get to the logs page in nextcloud.

the error message on the iphone app just says the same thing everytime:

“connection error, the server is temporarily unavailable.”

i have tried what you mentioned with the url. i have tried changing it completely to another domain url i have as well. none of this works.

like i said, i can login to it just fine through a web browser, from anywhere either locally or from outside internet.

there is a bug with the iphone app. is there any known way to load an older version of the app?