Nextcloud migration, database table oc_accounts


while migrating from owncloud v10.7.0 to nextcloud 20.0.14 im getting the following errorlog, when accessing the user management after migration:

“An exception occured while executing ‘SELECT’ data ‘from’ oc.accounts ‘Where’ uid =? with params[‘test’]:
SQLSTATE[4502]: Base table or view not found:1146: ‘nextcloud.oc_accounts’ doesnt exist.”

i have listed the tables from original owncloud database and oc_accounts existed there.
after executing occ upgrade, which is part of the migration, the new database does not contain oc_accounts anymore, but the errorlog shows, that nextcloud is looking for it.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can solve this problem?
Maybe something has to be done different while migrating?

Are you running Nextcloud against the original Owncloud database or are you trying to run it against a copy of it?

The error makes it sound like you’re trying to use a different database than the Owncloud installation was using.

The Migration guide assumes you’re keeping the same database.

i am also changing to a new server.
old server:
centos 7
owncloud v10.7.0

new server:
almalinux 9.2
nextcloud v20.0.14

I am preparing a fresh install of almalinux with nextcloud prepared(but without the first web setup to create user, write datadir and database user)
Then im doing a database dump from owncloud and copy the datadir content to new server and import the sqldump to a new database named nextcloud.
(at this stage, the table oc_accounts exists)
I am then going to the webbrowser and do the setup which creates the config.php (input datadir,database info, and create user).

then it wants me to do the occ upgrade.
(after this, the table oc_accounts does not exist anymore).

I can access the nextcloud web ui after the occ upgrade with my data available,
but when i want to go to the user management in nextcloud, it does not contain data

I would recommend you to split both operations - e.g. first migrate to Nextcloud and then migrate to new server. Additionally I would recommend you upgrade to the latest supported owncloud version first and migrate to newer Nextcloud nc25 version (it saves you multiple upgrade steps within Nextcloud). Use search we had some discussion regarding such upgrades shortly.

As you didn’t provide the required information guess - your new system might run a modern php version which is not supported by ancient owncloud or Nextcloud version.