Nextcloud Micro-Services- vs AIO Docker Image

I started using Nextcloud about 3 years ago and have a setup where I run the Nextcloud Docker Micro-Service image together with a MariaDB 10.5 and a Redis Docker container, on an Ubuntu Server, all configured using docker-compose.

I’ve lately seen that a that there is a new Nextcloud AIO Docker image which is now the officially supported image. I was wondering if someone could enlighten me on what the major differences are between the Nextcloud AIO Docker image and the Nextcloud Docker Micro-Service image (I assume there are some since these images are still being maintained). Reading the documentation on both it is not quite clear to me.

Since the AOI image is the officially supported one is it worth while migrating to that one? Would that be a straightforward process considering my current setup?

Really appreciate any input :slight_smile:

Nextcloud Docker is a “community” as it is not developed by Nextcloud company. aio is is supported by (one?) Nextcloud employee. I think both are good and will remain supported for long time.

Main difference is the initial docker image is more “self service” - you build the system yourself with the components you choose with all dis-/advantages. aio is more a “one stop shop” almost everything is taken care of office, backup, anti-virus etc. but lot of things are hard-wired e.g. there is no way to use another database. this may or may not change in the future (e.g. reverseproxy support was added).

If you are happy with you existing docker installation there is no reason to change IMHO. AiO is a good starting point when you don’t know where to start but lack flexibility…


Short answer: AIO is a turnkey Nextcloud deployment while the micro-services image is a base image that one builds a Nextcloud deployment around to suit their needs.

AIO incorporates helpful (if you use them) services (like Imaginary, Office, FTS, data backups, etc.), opinionated optimization preferences (generally good ones!), etc. It isn’t a single Docker container (it’s several) and wraps a management platform around a nearly complete Nextcloud deployment.

AIO is more rigid (about what you can’t do with it) and less flexible (to someone that wants control over everything), but more “ready to go” (and tuned) at install time.

The micro-services image is meant to adjustable to a variety of deployment scenarios. The micro-services images can be tuned to your specific needs locally and will, in most scenarios, need to be accompanied by other images specified by you, depending on your desired Nextcloud architecture.

I guess maybe you could put it like this:

AIO = Nextcloud Server and a bunch of (potentially) helpful stuff
Micro-services = Nextcloud Server


@wwe @jtr Thank you for good answers! I’ll stick with the community docker image setup I have then as it suits my needs :slight_smile: