Nextcloud Merchandise

This is a little bit trivial, but I’d like to rebrand my ex-chrome book - now a collabora book - and think a nice Nextcloud sticker would do it. I’ve done web searches for Nextcloud merch with no success. The only topic I could find in these forums was from 2017 and regarded T-shirts (I’d quite like one of those too) but the link was long-dead.

My Collabora server is the most exciting computing thing I’ve done in years. If I’d known how easy it would be, I’d have done it long ago. Thank you to everyone involved.


They had stickers and t-shirts, if you happen to go to open source events where they are (Nextcloud events around the world), you can probably pick some up.

@jospoortvliet or @Daphne might know better, if there is still a stock of items and how to get some items.

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