Nextcloud Maps and Phone Tracking

Hey There,

I’ve got the PhoneTrack app installed on my Android device, and it’s working with my instance of nextcloud PhoneTrack but not in a Nextcloud Maps session.

I hit the “+” button, choose “New Nextcloud Maps log job”, give the session a name.

My device shows up in Nextcloud Maps, and I can click to turn the display of that device on and off. PhoneTrack is telling me that its sending pings/positions, but those positions never show up on Nextcloud Maps.

If I start a PhoneTrack session using the PhoneTrack Nextcloud App, it works just fine.

I don’t want to have 2 map apps installed. I enjoy the other features in Nextcloud Maps for recording points of interest and trail hikes. I’d also like to find my lost phone.


Literally 10 minutes after writing this (and 30 minutes of farting around altogether) it started working. No idea what I did differently. The map just started showing my phone when I clicked the options and selected “Zoom To Bounds” and toggled the history on/off.