Nextcloud Mail: Unable to archive mail

Expected behavior

After setting up email using IMAP, I should be able to click on the contextual menu for each email and use the option to move the selected email to a folder of choice.

Actual behavior

Am on the latest version of Nextcloud.

I set up an account using IMAP, and am able to send and receive emails correctly. I am not however able to move emails. When I click on the menu on each email (the 3 dots), there are only 3 options:

  • Mark unread
  • Forward
  • Delete

Tried dragging and dropping by it does not work as well. Is there another settings I should activate?

Mail app

Mail app version: 0.21.0

Mailserver or service:, University email.

Server configuration

Operating system: Unraid

Web server: Accessing NextCloud through Docker

Database: MariaDB

PHP version: 7.0

Nextcloud Version: 17.0.2

Client configuration

Browser: Firefox and Chrome

Operating system: Windows 10

Not implemented yet :wink: