Nextcloud Mail freezes/hangs browser tab

Coming from rainloop (not maintained any more?) I gave nextcloud mail a chance again.
After a few weeks of using it seems that it randomly freezes the whole browser tab:

(Translated ruffly: This tab makes your browser slow, stop it?)

It can happen at any time, on switchting to the tab, on changing folders, on selecting mails, on deleting mails. The server seems bored load wise, it happens even in local LAN.

I have nextcloud 25.0.1 and Mail 2.1.2 running on:
Firefox 107.0
Fedora 38
nginx 1.22.1
php-fpm 8.1.12
mariadb 10.5.16

What is the best way to diagnose performance issues with this app?

It also notifies me about >6000 new emails all the time that are not new, that might be part of the issue. :man_shrugging:


I think it has something to do with this option:

I had it enabled for a few folders, after disabling it the really annoying long hangs seem to be gone.
It is still slower than I would like it to be though(Compared to rainloop) and it hangs less long. :sweat_smile:

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Did you ever get this resolved. I installed Nextcloud AIO today and the Mail app is freezing within a few minutes of use. Only mail, freezes every time.