Nextcloud Mail - draft folder issue

hello, I found a couple of threads re: Nextcloud Mail>drafts not working so well on IMAP. Hope it’s ok if I open a new one - given that I can’t find any update on Rework draft handling (on IMAP) · Issue #4768 · nextcloud/mail · GitHub.

I’m Nextcloud 25.0.5 (on a webhosting - PHP version: 8.0) - which I mostly use on Firefox (Linux Mint 21). Like in the two threads I read, in my Nextcloud Mail, an endless string of drafts is saved…in the “drafts” folder, precisely, even on the shortest email possible - like within 30 seconds, the time to write and send it.

Deleting all these drafts on the webhosting’s server doesn’t exactly solve the issue: after refreshing the Nextcloud Mail page (even several times), this string of drafts is still there…although none of them is still readable - the message I get is “the thread doesn’t exist or has been deleted”. They’re only gone after logging out + clearing the browser cache + logging back in Nextcloud.

Do you have any advice on how to solve this - or at least do you know if any progress is being made by the people in charge of the “Rework draft handling (on IMAP) #4768”? Plz let me know if you need me to post a log or give you more info.

thanks in advance.