Nextcloud Mail and Proton Mail?

Can Proton Mail be used with the Nextcloud Mail App??

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Yes it can. I have successfully set it up pretty easily.

You must install, run and login to Protonmail Bridge app in the same box as your Nextcloud instance, then configure Mail server manually in NC using:

IMAP Host:
IMAP Security: None
IMAP Port: 1143 (or whatever your ProtonMail Bridge config says)
SMTP Host:
SMTP Security: None
SMTP Port: 1025 (or whatever your ProtonMail Bridge config says)

Be sure to use the use your PM user and password indicated on the ProtonMail Bridge app interface, not your real account password.

Hope this helps.

This seems good. It’s working with Outlook. But with the NextCloud mail app I am getting an error: Unexpected error during account creation. Wonder if it cuz I’m using it already with Outlook?

It could be that mail bridge does not work with both outlook and nextcloud at same time.